My Artwork is inspired from my memories of growing up as a child in a small village just outside Blaenau Ffestiniog in North Wales, personal trauma, my life experiences of working with people with mental health conditions, homelessness, the displaced, individuals with disabilities. Sitting on the edge of utter despair with nowhere to turn, screaming out of every available surface, images of the utopian dream, plastered across every community advertising screens, social media platforms. For so many people this is a disjointed reality, that they will never know. 

My materials consists of used, thrown away, dolls, bald baby, soft bodied plastic limbs, ceramic headed sand dolls, toys, teddies, re-cycled fabrics. These have been abandoned, used, or thrown away.  I choose my materials by serendipity, I see the narrative unfolding, this may be from their history, it is however as I see it, I invent the story based on my own experiences, concocted by methods of stitching, deconstruction, drawing and photography, building in new fictitious details.  

I explore materials through the use of drawing, photography, print, stitch and crochet. Every stage of construction is recorded. The pieces I have chosen are initially unpicked, taking away the layers, the aim is to delve into what lies underneath the surface. Why is this process important? How can I achieve this communication through the use of inanimate objects?

Accepting traumatic memories, what I heal in myself, i heal in others“. Carysanne

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